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Impact of FAAD campaign on Anodia

We recently shared information about strange situation with Anodia Lite downloads, this time we would like to share some information about impact of FAAD campaign on Anodia. Agreement with FAAD is negotiated individually by developer and we’re not able to say anything about it, but I hope that information in this post will be useful.

Anodia was included in FAAD at the end of August 2011 — Anodia was free from August 29th to September 6th. It’s a little bit more than one day, but that’s actually the point of making such campaigns — try to be free as long as the game is getting up / stays high in ranks. Total amount of downloads during the free period was about ~2.2 mln and we reached #1 in free apps in a couple of countries, including USA.

Sales after campaign are certainly bigger then before it, this is the profit chart from the first 6 months of Anodia sales:

There are two spikes, the first one is when Anodia appeared on the AppStore, the second one is just after FAAD campaign. It’s easy to note that profit after FAAD campaign stabilized at a higher level then before it. To be honest, it never went back to pre-campaign level so we’re actually happy with the campaign results.

Cooperation with FAAD was a good move and we’re glad that we’ve done it.

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