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The New iPad’s Retina Display

Since the Apple keynote about the new iPad I was wondering if the Retina Display is really going to be that big of a deal. I mean, I know it’s great on the iPhone 4 and the newest iPod touch, but those are the devices that you held a lot closer to you eyes so it makes a huge difference there. As it turns out, from the moment I turned the new iPad on, I knew the answer. Retina on the iPad is just great. But let me show you this on a little example from our game Hexbee which already fully support the new Retina display.

On the left you can see the little part of the screenshot taken on the old iPad, and on the right the new iPad. The difference is stunning. And with the new iPad Retina you can really see a whole new level of detail like on the following screenshot:

That donut looks really yummy! Below you can follow the evolution of the donut from the old iPhone and iPod touch without Retina (on the left) through iPad and Retina iPhone and iPod touch (center) to the new iPad (right):

The problem with perceiving the difference is that the new iPad and the old iPad have screens of the same size, but the old iPad have a lot less pixels there (not to mention, our screens have less pixels). For me, the best way to see that difference is to scale the old iPad screenshot up to the size of the new iPad. It really looks like the picture below (yet it’s not so big, obviously).

I hope that clarifies the importance of the new iPad Retina display — for me it’s most certainly is its killer feature.

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