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Automated stability testing and memory leaks detection

It’s over one month since the last entry, but we’re trying to focus on Anodia release. One of the tasks that we’re currently doing on a daily basis is stability testing and memory leaks detection, but it’s not just playing the game again and again — we’ve implemented automatic mode that plays game by itself and when a level is completed, a new one is selected randomly. During 12 hours such test completes almost 200 levels.

As for stability testing, we’re starting game under debugger and leaving it for a night. If something crashes there is usualy callstack available in debugger along debug logs — this should be enough to identify and solve the issue.

For memory leaks we’re just monitoring memory usage to check if it’s not increasing in some strange manner. For identifying memory leaks in Obj-C we’re using Instruments and for C++ code we’re using build on Windows with additional memory allocation tracing implemented in WinAPI.

It seems that we haven’t seen any crashes recently and we solved a lot of memory leaks. There is still some testing ahead of us, but the most important information is that we’re trying to focus on the best experience for the players.

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