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Technical debt

From Wikipedia:

Technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt) are synonymous, neologistic metaphors referring to the eventual consequences of poor software architecture and software development within a codebase.

One of the typical software development practices is to have fixes and workarounds in code that are not necessarily correct, but makes everything work fine from the user perspective. Such code is very hard to maintain and the longer it stays in the code base, harder it gets to get rid of it.

We made some sacrifices in our code base and processes to get Anodia released and we fixed this during development of the second update. This way we were able to release Anodia earlier, but it required extra time to get things right later. We could leave as it was before, but this is not approach that we want to follow. We are reusing a big part of our code base (encapsulated as a separate ‘framework’ project) and we need to be sure that it’s working correctly and we can focus on game development.

From our experience it’s fine to get some technical debt at the end of product cycle, but it’s required to pay it back at the beginning of the next cycle. If not, you might get maintenance time bomb and at some point there will be no time for new functionalities because of the bug fixing.

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