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Debugging iOS HTTP connections with Fiddler

Recently we were experimenting with NSURLConnection and for some reason it was not working as intended. URL received in connectionDidFinishLoading was different than the one from redirects done on our server and verified in the browser. We double checked the implementation and decided to take a look under the hood and see how the connection is actually performed.

There is a great tool for Windows called Fiddler2, HTTP debugging proxy. With a very small amount of configuration it’s possible to see all HTTP requests done from the device.

In the Fiddler just check “Allow remote computers to connect” in “Tools” -> “Fiddler Options” -> “Connections”. On the device edit connection configuration and set IP address of the PC with Fiddler as the proxy address and 8888 as the proxy port (can be changed in Fiddler configuration). It’s as simple as that!

And what about our problem? We forgot about caching! After changing cachePolicy of NSURLRequest everything works perfectly.

It might be a little strange that iOS developers write about Windows tool, but we are using multiple platforms in our daily work. And if you’re looking for a cross-platform alternative there is one called Charles but it’s not indie friendly (paid, I mean).

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