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Portable audio with FMOD

I definitely need to start following gamedev news more closely — just a moment after we integrated openal-soft for Android version of our framework, Firelight Technologies has made FMOD Studio free for indie devs*! What does this mean for us? FMOD is used in thousands of commercial titles (and that should prove it’s quality), provides great documentation and has a very clean and simple portable API.

Our audio subsystem is using simple handle manager to provide multiple backends (OpenAL, XAudio2) so integration of FMOD should be pretty simple, right? It took me just about 3h to have it up and running at the same functional level as other backends, at least on Windows. With iOS build we faced very strange problems, it looks like the provided libraries contain duplicated object files and that caused duplicate symbols at the linking stage. To confirm this:

$ lipo libfmod_iphoneos.a -thin armv7 -output libfmod_iphoneos_armv7.a
$ ar -t libfmod_iphoneos_armv7.a | sort | uniq -d

After manual fix of the libraries I was able to complete the build. I hope that this will be fixed in the next FMOD Studio release, till then we need to use ‘fixed’ library.

* indie in this case means game budget under $100k.